Report: ISIS Using Nazi Methods to Indoctrinate Entire Generation of Children

The Islamic State group is training many children as future terrorists, spies, executioners, preachers, soldiers and suicide bombers.

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A photo released by ISIS in Homs province purporting to show a child about to behead a Syrian soldier.

The Islamic State is recruiting and indoctrinating children using the same methods as the Nazi regime, with the goal of creating an even more lethal second generation of extremists, states a report by the London-based anti-extremism think-tank Qulliam.  

The study, "Children of Islamic State," was reported in the Guardian on Saturday, which said that the younger generation of ISIS is indoctrinated with religious concepts from birth.

The Islamic State,  also known as ISIS and ISIL, is training many children as future terrorists, spies, executioners, preachers, soldiers and suicide bombers, says the report.  

They "have a superior understanding of Islam from youth and from school curriculum, and are better and more brutal fighters as they are trained in violence from a very young age,” the authors of the United Nations-endorsed study are quoted to have said.

The terrorist group wants “to prepare a new, stronger, second generation of mujahideen, conditioned and taught to be a future resource for the group,” the report says.

ISIS appears to have scrutinized Nazi Hitler Youth methods to brainwash children, the report says, adding that the U.N. had received some reports about an Islamic State youth wing, Fityan al-Islam, meaning boys of Islam.

The Guardian quotes the report as saying ISIS "focuses a large number of its efforts on indoctrinating children through an extremism-based education curriculum, and fostering them to become future terrorists. The current generation of fighters sees these children as better and more lethal fighters than themselves, because rather than being converted into radical ideologies they have been indoctrinated into these extreme values from birth, or a very young age.”

The children are then considered purer than their parents because they have not been "corrupted" by secular values.

An estimated 6 million people live in areas under the control of ISIS.

“The area of most concern is that Islamic State is preparing its army by indoctrinating young children in its schools and normalising them to violence through witnessing public executions, watching Islamic State videos in media centres and giving children toy weapons to play with.”

This includes encouraging children to participate in brutal executions and beheadings, hold the decapitated heads for the cameras and even play football with them.

The report will be published officially on Wednesday in the British Parliament, and was written in collaboration with UNESCO and The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative.

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