Report: Iranian Army Test-fires Three New Missiles

Iran's Fars news agency reports that missiles of a type never tested before were successfully test-fired by Iran's Ground Forces.

Iran's military has successfully test-fired three new missiles of a type never tested before, according to a Saturday report by the Iranian Fars news agency.

"Three types of missiles developed by the Army and the Defense Industries have been successfully test-fired in the Ground Force's recent wargames," Fars cited Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Force General Kioumars Heydari as saying.

The "ground-to-ground missiles are different from the Naze'at 10 and Fajr missiles in type," Heydari told Fars. 

The report explained that the Fajr-5 is a long-range rocket  with a maximum range of 75 kilometers and the Naze'at-10 is a medium range ballistic missile. The Fajr-5 missile has been used against Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah.

Heydari also said that the Iranian Ground Force will unveil new personnel carriers on the country's National Army Day on April 18.

Fars reiterated that Iranian military commanders and government officials have said in the past that the country's armed forces are meant to serve as deterrents.

"I am sure that the military power of the Iranian nation is not for attacking or dominating any other country, rather it is meant to be a deterrent factor," Fars cited President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying during a ceremony to unveil an Iran-made fighter jet, the Qaher 313, in February.