Report: Iran Intecepts Israel-linked 'Mercenary' Ring

Iran's intelligence department says suspects arrested in different parts of the country, seize large quantities of weaponry and telecommunications equipment.

Iran's official news agency says the country's intelligence department has dismantled an Israeli-linked assassination and sabotage network.

The Tuesday report by Irna says several "mercenaries" were arrested in different parts of the country and that large quantities of weaponry and telecommunications equipment were seized.

iran missile - AP - April 18 2011

It said more details will be revealed at an appropriate time in the future.

Iran periodically announces the capture or execution of alleged U.S.¬or Israeli spies, and often no further information is released.

Last month, the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram reported that Egyptian security forces thwarted an attempt by Iran to blow up an Israeli ship in the Suez Canal.

The attack was being planned by two Egyptians who were recently arrested and interrogated, the prosecution in Egypt's state security court reportedly claimed.

An investigation allegedly revealed that the men, Suleiman Razek Abdul-Razek and Salameh Ahmed Salameh, had received their instructions from Iranian agents. They reportedly asked a third person, Mohammed Zakri, to carry out the attack in exchange for 50 million Egyptian pounds.

The two men denied any involvement.

Hezbollah terror cells in Egypt - including the Suez Canal - have been found to be planning terror attacks in the past. Israeli officials have recently warned that Iran is setting up terror infrastructure on Egyptian soil to prepare for an operation.