ISIS in Sinai Executes Hamas Militant, Accuses Gaza Group of Abandoning Palestinians

Tensions between Hamas and other regional militant groups intensify, as cooperation between the Gazan group and Egyptian authorities persists

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Palestinian Hamas supporters rally in Gaza City December 14, 2017
Palestinian Hamas supporters rally in Gaza City December 14, 2017Credit: Khalil Hamra/AP
Jack Khoury

A video published Wednesday by the Islamic State in Sinai showing the execution of a Hamas militant accused of transferring weapons to the organization's military branch reveals increasing tensions between the two groups.

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The Islamic State accused Hamas of abandoning the Islamic path, capitulating to tyranny, and focusing exclusively on the Gaza Strip, thus abandoning the rest of Palestine.

The Islamic State has even gone as far as calling on its supporters to act against Hamas and its people, a statement backed by the organization's Sinai Mufti, Qazem al-Azawi.

In the Gaza Strip, reports say that the man killed was Musa Abu Zmat, a resident of the Strip. Among those who executed him was another Gaza Palestinian, Mohammad al-Dajni.

The al-Dajni family in Gaza condemned the execution, and said it had severed ties with the family member who had participated. "We were surprised by this terrible event in which a group belonging to the Islamic State's Sinai offshoot killed a freedom fighter who was a member of Hamas' military wing. We are proud that many of our sons are members of the Al-Qassam Brigades, and therefore decry and condemn this despicable murder and notify of our move to excommunicate him."

The execution comes as Hamas works to clamp down on Salafist and Jihadi organizations who support the Islamic State in the Gaza Strip and fire rockets at Israel.

Hamas has been arresting individuals suspected of collaborating with the Islamic State in Sinai. Over the past few months, Hamas and the Egyptian authorities have improved ties and worked together against these actors and in support of the Palestinian reconciliation deal between Hamas and Fattah.

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