Hamas Issues New Hebrew-language Video After Israel Strikes Gaza Targets

The animated film shows explosions above Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and promises 'rockets will reach you, Zionists, no matter where you are.'

A screenshot of Hamas' video reads: 'I will let you drink from the goblet of death. Oh, what bitter taste'
תמות בעזה / YouTube

Hamas put a new propaganda video online that threatens massive rocket attacks on cities in Israel after the Israeli army struck various targets in Gaza on Monday.

Hamas' newest video תמות בעזה / YouTube

The animated film, set to music and running more than 3 minutes long, shows explosions above Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, among other locations, and promises "rockets will reach you, Zionists, no matter where you are."

The video was picked up by Israeli and Palestinian media on Wednesday morning after it began to go viral on Tuesday night. 

Tensions flared up along Israel's border with Gaza on Monday after early morning rocket fire was met with no fewer than six retaliatory attacks by the Israeli army across the Strip on Hamas-linked targets. Gazans reported few cars were out in the streets and many people stayed at home fear additional attacks.

Since the Gaza war in 2014, there has been a cease-fire that both sides have, for the most part, honored. During the war, Hamas issued a similar propaganda video threatening strikes against Israel. The video went viral in Israel after several satirical versions circulated online.

An Israeli satirical version of Hamas' 2014 video Sharon Luxenburg / YouTube