Hamas Interrogates Italian Diplomats It Suspected Were Israeli Special-ops Team

Reports in Gaza say Hamas security personnel pursued the four men after they failed to stop at a checkpoint and were carrying automatic weapons ■ Diplomats sought refuge in UN headquarters and

Three of the Italian diplomats investigated in the UN headquarters in Gaza City, January 16, 2018.

Hamas interrogated four bodyguards of an Italian diplomat on Tuesday night at the UN Headquarters in Gaza City under the suspicion they were an Israeli special-ops team, Palestinian media reported.

According to a London-based Arab website, the four men were in a car that did not stop in a Hamas checkpoint and were armed with automatic weapons.

Hamas security personnel chased and shot at the car, which sought refuge in the UN headquarters. Hamas forces then proceeded to besiege the building. After an initial negotiation, a team of investigators entered the building and questioned the four men. They were later released when it became apparent they were Italian nationals.

Their release was carried out following contacts between Hamas leader in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh and the Italian ambassador.