'Wanted for Trial': Hamas Distributes Fliers Showing 'Israeli Soldiers in Gaza Raid'

The images were handed out by police officers in checkpoints across the Strip ■ Senior Hamas officials visit Cairo for meeting on long-term cease-fire

Jack Khoury
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Hamas police officers distribute fliers in the Gaza Strip, November 22, 2018
Hamas police officers distribute fliers in the Gaza Strip, November 22, 2018Credit: Hamas
Jack Khoury

Hamas police in Gaza have been distributing images that allegedly show the Israeli special-ops team that was exposed in a botched operation in the southern Strip last week.

Bearing the words "Wanted for Trial," the fliers were handed out by officers in checkpoints across the Gaza Strip.

The images were first published on Thursday by Hamas. The office of the Israeli military censor issued a rare statement in which it asked the Israeli public and press not to publish the distributed information.

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A 41-year-old Israeli army officer was killed and another was moderately wounded during the November 11 operation, which left seven Hamas members dead. The incident quicly spiraled into two days of conflict between Israel and Gaza, ending in a cease-fire last Tuesday.

A delegation of senior Hamas officials is currently in Cairo, Egypt for continued talks with the aim of obtaining a long-term cease-fire with Israel, as well as promoting the intra-Palestinian reconciliation.

Meanwhile Friday, the committee organizing the weekly border protests in Gaza called upon the Palestinian public to join the demonstrations, declaring: "Resisting the occupation brings us together and we will prevail."

Participants are set to arrive at the protest encampments along the border fence, according to the committee. The protests are expected to be relatively subdued, as they have been in recent weeks since the latest flare-up between Israel and the Strip.