Palestinian Said Killed by IDF Fire in Gaza Border Clashes

Palestinian reports say a Turkish photojournalist was hit by a tear gas grenade

Mourners carry the body of Palestinian Imad Ishtawi who was killed during a protest the previous day along the Israel-Gaza border fence, Gaza City, September 24, 2018.

A Palestinian was killed and 10 were wounded by Israeli military fire during clashes in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday, Gaza's Health Ministry said.

The ministry identified the deceased man as Mohammad Faiz Salim Abu Asadeq, 21, and said a total of 90 Palestinians were wounded in the clashes.

According to the Palestinian media outlet Al-Quds, one of the wounded sustained serious head injuries. Palestinian reports said a Turkish photojournalist was hit by a tear gas grenade.

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The border clashes have become a daily event in the evening hours as Hamas seeks to tie up Israeli forces along the entire border by deploying what it defines as "night units." On Sunday, a Palestinian was killed and 20 others were wounded by IDF fire during clashes, the ministry said.

The ministry identified the man killed as Omar Daud Ashtiwi, 21. According to the ministry, Ashtiwi was shot in the head by live fire. The clashes began in the late evening, with Palestinians burning tires flying incendiary kites and balloons into Israel.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military said that it struck a group of Palestinians who flew incendiary balloons into Israel from the northern Gaza Strip.