180 Wounded in Border Clashes With Israeli Army, Palestinians Say

Gaza medics said 180 Palestinians were wounded in clashes in the West Bank and on the Gaza border; a third of them said to have been injured from live fire, including a female nurse and a young boy

Israeli army snipers perched on a sand mound watch Gazan protesters burn tires along the border fence, Israel, August 31, 2018
Eliyahu Hershkovitz

The Israeli army wounded dozens of Palestinians taking part in protests in the West Bank and along the Gaza border fence on Friday, Palestinian medical officials said. 

Gaza medics said 180 Palestinians were wounded, a third of them from live fire, including a female nurse and a boy. 

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Thousands of Palestinian massed near the Gaza border fence as part of weekly protests launched on March 30 to demand rights to lands lost in the 1948 war of Israel's foundation. 

Palestinians protesters at the border fence between Israel and Gaza, east of Gaza City August 31, 2018

At the West Bank village of Ras Karkar, hundreds of Palestinians demonstrating against Israeli land seizures for Jewish settlements threw stones at troops, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets, injuring at least a dozen people. 

Israeli authorities had no immediate comment. 

The Israeli army said troops opened fire to disperse Palestinians who rolled burning tyres at the fence, posing a breach threat, and, in one case, threw a grenade across it.