Video Shows Israeli Army Bulldozer Pushing Stones at Palestinian Protesters

Israeli army says engineering tools were used to clear stones from the road during protests. 'While doing the clearing, mass stone-throwing took place' at hands of demonstrators

Screen capture of footage showing Israeli army bulldozer pushing large rocks in the direction of Palestinian protesters, the West Bank, February 21, 2020
Abd Allah Qudoumi

A video published Friday shows an Israeli army bulldozer driving at a high speed and pushing large rocks towards Palestinian protesters in the West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum, hitting one of the protesters with a stone.

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 63Haaretz

The stones pushed by the bulldozer were placed on the street by the protesters as part of the weekly demonstrations against the Israeli occupation. The Palestinians have been clashing with Israel Defense Forces soldiers during the protests, and the video, made up of three short clips, shows demonstrators hurling rocks at the bulldozer.

The bulldozer stopped when a man was hit by one of the stones. The rocks continued tumbling towards protesters at the bottom of the street, and nearly hit a child.

The Palestinian hit by the stone was evacuated to a Qaliqilyah hospital by the Red Crescent.

Murad Shatawi, the father of the child at the scene, told Haaretz that the bulldozer continued advancing about a hundred meters from the place where the stones were laid, and drove exceptionally fast.

In response to the incident, the IDF said that "This afternoon, about 70 Palestinians participated in a riot in Kafr Qaddum, during which they threw tires and hurled stones at IDF soldiers on the scene.

"Forces who worked to disperse the riot, as they do each Friday, identified a stone barrier placed at the entrance of the village in order to prevent forces from arriving at the scene, and in order to allow the riot to continue in the nearby town."

The statement added that "Engineering tools were used to clear the stones from the road. While doing the clearing, mass stone-throwing took place."