Two Palestinians Hospitalized After Attack by West Bank Settlers, NGO Says

Father and son who were working their lands were attacked with rocks and an iron rod by a group from the settlement of Rehelim, according to Yesh Din

Prefabricated structures at the Jewish settlement of Rehelim in the northern West Bank, January 7, 2019.
Moti Milrod

Two Palestinian residents of the West Bank village of As-Sawiya were attacked by Jewish settlers Saturday afternoon and have been hospitalized for their injuries in Nablus, according to the non-governmental organization Yesh Din.

The father and son were working on their agricultural lands when they were attacked with rocks and an iron rod by a group that had come from the direction of the Jewish settlement of Rehelim, the left-wing NGO told Haaretz.

Rahsaan Douglas, who follows the activities of settlers in the northern West Bank told Haaretz that the two victims were a 60 year old man and his son, who is in his twenties. They had gone out to work their fields, as did many other Palestinian residents of the village due to the improvement in weather conditions.

Douglas said that another family had been attacked on Friday when they went to enjoy the nature near their village. "While the world is busy worrying about Trump's declarations and the administration's reactions," Douglas said, "the situation on the ground is deteriorating, and the aggression and antagonism of the settlers are only getting stronger."

Also Saturday, a group of settlers came to the northern neighborhood of the Palestinian village of Burin, near Nablus. According to Yesh Din, the settlers threw stones at Palestinian residents, who eventually reciprocated by hurling rocks as well. A Palestinian present at the scene added that the settlers stole a hoe and a pair of shoes from a nearby construction site.

Soldiers arrived at the scene, and no one was arrested.