Palestinian Shot Dead by Police After Failing to Stop at Jordan Valley Checkpoint

According to police, Salama Ka'abna, 22, sped at a police officer with his face covered and disregarded calls to stop the vehicle; burglary tools and stolen goods uncovered in car

Yotam Berger
Jack Khoury
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FILE PHOTO: An Israel Police car
FILE PHOTO: An Israel Police carCredit: Ilan Assayag
Yotam Berger
Jack Khoury

A police officer shot and killed a Palestinian after he did not respond to calls to stop at a checkpoint on Route 90 in the Jordan Valley region of the West Bank on Sunday night, the police reported.

The police have opened an investigation, and noted that the Palestinian was driving the vehicle with his face covered. The Palestinian Health Ministry in Ramallah identified him as Salama Ka'abna, 22.

The police also reported that burglary tools and stolen goods were found in the vehicle, and that two additional passengers had escaped. It is likely that they were burglars fleeing a scene.

The incident occurred at about 1:20 in the morning, at a checkpoint manned by police near the Yafit settlement following reports of a suspicious vehicle.

According to the police, while examining a car at the checkpoint, a second car sped through, overtook the car in front of it, and "thundered" in the direction of one of the police officers who signaled it to stop.

When the driver did not answer calls to stop, the officer fired towards the driver and killed him.