Israeli Army Demolishes Home of Ofra Shooter

IDF bulldozers entered the village of Kobar to destroy the house of Saleh Barghouti, who wounded seven in a drive-by shooting attack, including a pregnant woman whose baby later died

Israel Defense forces demolish the home of terrorist Saleh Omar Barghouti, Kobar, west Bank, April 17, 2019.
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israeli army bulldozers entered the West Bank village of Kobar Wednesday morning to demolish the home of Saleh Omar Barghouti, who carried out a shooting attack in the settlement of Ofra in December, Palestinian sources say.

Eyewitnesses said a large number of IDF soldiers entered the village at 3 A.M. An Israeli military bulldozer destroyed the family's home, and forces left the village three hours later. There were no reports of confrontations within the village.

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Saleh Omar Barghouti, son of West Bank-based senior Hamas official Omar Barghouti, wounded seven people in a drive-by shooting attack in Ofra, near Ramalllah. Shira Ish-Ran, a 21-year-old pregnant woman, was seriously wounded in the attack, and her baby, who was delivered prematurely, died three days later.    

Salah was wounded in a shoot-out with Israeli soldiers following a manhunt, and succumbed to his wounds at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Israeli forces during the manhunt for Barghouti, December 2018.
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

His brother Assam was also involved in the shooting, and, four days later, carried out a separate shooting in the same area, killing two Israeli soldiers and wounding a soldier and a civilian. Assam was indicted for the killings in March. He had previously served an 11-year sentence in an Israeli prison for security offenses, including planning to abduct soldiers. He was released in April 2018.  

The IDF demolished Assam Barghouti's home, also in Kobar, in March.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said in a statement: "The Israel Defense Forces, the Border Police and the Civil Administration demolished Wednesday the house of terrorist Saleh Omar Barghouti in the West Bank village of Kobar.

"Barghouti and his brother carried out the shooting attack near the settlement of Ofra on December 9, 2018, in which a baby, Amiad Israel Ish Ran, was murdered and 7 people were wounded," the statement read.

Demolished home of terrorist Saleh Omar Barghouti, village of Kobar, West Bank, April 17, 2019.
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

"The IDF will continue thwarting any attempted terror attacks while preserving security in the area."   

In addition, the security forces detained overnight Tuesday nine people suspected of involvement in terror activity and violent disturbances. The suspects were transferred for further questioning.

Furthermore, IDF soldiers seized tens of thousands of shekels meant for terror activities during searches in the West Bank city of Hebron.