Footage of Suspected Attack Shows Palestinian's Car Veering Towards Israeli Soldiers Before Fatal Shooting

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Suspected car-ramming at Abu Dis' "Container" Checkpoint, June 23 2020
Suspected car-ramming at Abu Dis' "Container" Checkpoint, June 23 2020Credit: Israel Police

Israel Police released Wednesday security camera footage from what they suspect was a car-ramming attack in East Jerusalem a day earlier, after which officers shot the driver dead, but the man's family denies the official Israeli account of the incident.

The footage shows Ahmed Erekat's vehicle veering off the street in Abu Dis towards the checkpoint's booth and into the officers. After that, Erekat exits the car. The Border Police officers fire at him, wounding him.

The police said that officers fired several shots at Erekat, and that he died shortly afterwards. 

One Border Police officer was sustained light injuries and was taken to a hospital. She was discharged on Wednesday.

A family member of Erekat told Haaretz Tuesday that he doesn't believe this was a car-ramming attack, as it was the night of his sister's wedding and Erekat had rented a car to pick up his mother and sisters from a beauty salon in Bethlehem. The family member added that Erekat's wedding was set for next month as well.

"We believe that if something happened then it must have been a car accident or loss of control over the vehicle. As usual, police are quick to pull the trigger," said the family member, stressing that he doesn't believe Erekat would have done such a thing on the night of his sister's wedding, knowing what repercussions it would have for the family. 

"This young man was killed in cold blood. Tonight was his sister's wedding," said Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and a relative of the Erekat.

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