Hamas Explosives Expert Dies in Blast

Field commander Mohammed al-Kuka reportedly died at a warehouse where explosive devices were made.

Jack Khoury
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Hamas fighters in Gaza attend a memorial for Mohammed Alzoari, a Tunisian engineer killed in Tunisia, January 31, 2017.
Jack Khoury

A Hamas field commander, Mohammed al-Kuka, 37, died Sunday of wounds he suffered in an explosion the previous day, Hamas’ military wing reported.

According to Gaza sources, Kuka was an explosives expert. The circumstances of the explosion are not clear, but according to reports from the Strip the blast occurred in a warehouse where explosive devices were made.

Kuka, who operated in and around the Al-Shati refugee camp, was buried Sunday in a funeral that turned into a show of strength for Hamas’ military wing, with masked fighters carrying his body.

Over the past year several Hamas operatives have been killed in what Israel calls “work accidents” usually tunnel collapses. Two months ago Tunisian media reported that Mohammed Alzoari, a Tunisian drone expert associated with Hamas, was gunned down at close range.

Tunisian journalist Burhan Basis wrote on his Facebook page that the Mossad was behind the assassination. Basis wrote that Alzoari had lived in several countries and had close ties to Hamas.