Cars Vandalized and Hate Graffiti Sprayed in West Bank Village, Palestinians Say

Incident comes a week after 28 cars were reportedly vandalized in another West Bank village, near Ramallah

Security footage of assailants slashing tires of cars in West Bank village of Marda.

Palestinians said 15 vehicles were vandalized Sunday night in the Palestinian West Bank village of Marda.

Cars and minibuses had their tires slashed, while other vehicles had been defaced by spray-painted Hebrew graffiti, according to Palestinians.

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One car was reportedly spray-painted with a Star of David and the message: "Greetings to Yitzhak Gabay," in reference to an Israeli man convicted of an arson attack in 2014 at a school in Jerusalem for Jewish and Arab students.

Police said it received a report about the incident and that an investigation has been opened

Last week, 28 cars were vandalized in the West Bank village of Mazra'a al-Qibliya near Ramallah, Palestinians reported.

A car is seen sprayed with Hebrew graffiti, last week.
Mohammed Hassan

The Israel Police arrived at the scene but refrained from entering the village when rocks were thrown at them.

Meanwhile, the investigation of the death of 47-year-old Palestinian Aisha Mohammed Rabi, who was reportedly killed after Israeli settlers threw stones at her vehicle, continues.