100 Vines Vandalized in Palestinian Vineyard Near Ramallah

This is the third such incident in less than a week ■ On a nearby rock was a message saying: 'Regards from Esh Kodesh,' the name of a neighboring Israeli outpost

Yotam Berger
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The vandalized vineyard in Kafr Malik, May 29, 2018
The vandalized vineyard in Kafr Malik, May 29, 2018Credit:
Yotam Berger

Some 100 vines were destroyed in a Palestinian vineyard near Ramallah on Tuesday, the third such incident in recent days.

Graffiti was written on a nearby rock stating, “Regards from Esh Kodesh” – the name of a neighboring outpost in the West Bank. Visual documentation of the vandalism at the Kafr Malik vineyard showed that the bases of the vines had been sawn off. Judea and Samaria District Police are investigating the incident.

Over the weekend, two other vineyards were vandalized in central West Bank and south of Hebron. The message “Enough with agricultural terror, we’ll reach everywhere,” was found on a building near one of the sites. In each of the vineyards – one owned by a Palestinian and the other by a settler – hundreds of vines were uprooted. The police are also investigating these cases.

Last week, a cherry plantation was torched in the settlement of Kfar Etzion, in the Etzion Bloc. The fire broke out along the orchard’s outer fence. According to firefighting services, three burning tires were found at the scene. The fire destroyed trees and equipment worth tens of thousands of shekels.