Palestinian Songwriter Composes Anthem for UN Statehood Bid

'Mestani Dawla be Aylol' - 'I Am Waiting for a State in September' - is written in a witty way, using a tortoise to symbolize the slow pace of the Palestinian quest for statehood.

A Palestinian living in France has written a song that has arguably become the anthem for the upcoming Palestinians bid for statehood in the United Nations later on this week, according to a Ma’an report.

The songwriter, Ahmed Dari, who worked for the United Nations' Educational, Social and Cultural Organization until recently, composed "Mestani Dawla be Aylol" - "I Am Waiting for a State in September" - in a witty way, using a tortoise to symbolize the slow pace of the Palestinian quest for statehood, Ma’an said.

Mestani Dawla be Aylol


The song has over 20,000 hits on YouTube, and Dari says he wrote the song to give hope to Palestinians in the run-up to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s bid for UN recognition in New York this week, the report said.

"There are several major points in this song. I evoke the question of the Palestinian refugees, a crucial question. I talk about the probable American veto at the UN on the recognition of Palestine. I'm also interested in the view of Palestinians, who are split between optimism and pessimism about the future," he told Reuters Television in his home in the outskirts of Paris.

Dari, who has recently become an advisor to the Palestinian Authority, created the song with his friend, two computers and a handful of instruments. He used images from the internet and throughout the song there is a woman, reportedly a symbol of life.

Dari said he is bemused by the songs success, adding that the song is much more effective than a political message, Ma’an reported.

''I felt that my clip reached a very broad Palestinian audience, particularly the young and even the old. The song works better than a political message. The song and the clip are very simple. The words are simple, the music is simple, there are lots of colors in the clip and that works,” Dari reportedly said.

The Palestinian songwriter is pursuing a career as a diplomat and singer, Ma’an said. He reportedly plans to travel to New York this week and has already composed a new song.
The theme of the song is the difficult relationship between Palestinians and Israelis, the report said.