Jordan: Muslim Brotherhood Raided in Police Mix-up

The Islamic Action Front demands a government apology following the accidental raid of the headquarters after it was ‘mixed-up’ with that of an outlawed group.

Murad Adaileh spokesman for the Islamic Action Front speaks to journalists following a raid by security forces on his organization, in Amman, Jordan, Sunday, April 17, 2016.
Sam McNeil/ AP

The Jordanian government says security forces mistakenly raided the headquarters of the kingdom's largest Muslim Brotherhood group after confusing it with the offices of an outlawed organization.

Government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani says security forces on Sunday stormed the Islamic Action Front offices after they "mixed up" the IAF headquarters with those of a nearby, unregistered branch of the Islamist group.

The IAF's spokesman Murad Adaileh says the organization demands a government apology and investigation into the raid.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan split in March 2015 over its ties with the movement in Egypt. The IAF severed its relationship with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, but affiliates that did not have been outlawed by Jordan. Over the past week, the Jordanian government has shut down seven branches of the group.