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Not Just Israel: Middle East Is the Most Active on Social Media, Poll Finds

Jordan and Lebanon rank first and second in global social media use, with Israel in top 10, Pew finds

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Smart phone users on Rabin Square, Tel Aviv.
Smart phone users on Rabin Square, Tel Aviv. Credit: Avishag Shaar-Yashuv

People in the Middle East are the most frequent users of social media, according to a recent study made by the Pew Research Center. The study found that the median percentage of social media use in the Middle East was significantly higher than the global average. Jordan and Lebanon were the most frequent users of social media, with 75 percent and 72 percent of the population using social media platforms, respectively.

Israelis are also avid social media users, ranking seventh globally with 68 percent of all Israelis active on new media. The research stated that despite that fact that Israel was the only "advanced economy" in the region, it was in no way an outlier in the region.

The study found that countries in the Middle East also scored noticeably high when it comes to smartphone ownership, with 83 percent of Israelis owning a smartphone, second only to South Korea. 

Jordan and Lebanon also showed a high percentage of smartphone ownership, with 76 percent of Jordanians and 80% of Lebanese owning a smartphone. Both these countries also showed the greatest increase in smartphone ownership since the last study, conducted in 2015.