Jordanian Protesters Return to the Streets Over Rising Gas Prices

At least 20 demonstrators arrested by security forces after calling for the government to be dismissed.

Jordanian protesters took to the streets once again on Friday, calling for King Abdullah II to step down and for the “end to the rule of gangs.”

According to reports, at least 20 people were arrested by Jordanian security forces after the demonstrations. Most of the arrests took place in the city of Tafilah, approximately 180 kilometers south of Amman. Demonstrators took to the streets once again to protest the arrests. During the protests, several of the demonstrators waved signs that mocked Abdullah and Queen Rania.

Arrests also took place in Amman, where thousands took part in a march that called for the entire Jordanian government to be dismissed.   

Jordanian police forces used tear gas in order to disperse the protests. And while protesters have been arrested in the past, Friday’s demonstrations marked the first outright denunciations of the king.

Anger against Abdullah’s rule has increased over the past week, in the wake of a decision to raise gas prices – a decision that the king annulled due to the protests. Meanwhile, it was reported that the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan decided to step up its struggle against the Hashemite rule and openly support protests against the regime.