Father of Jordanian Attacker Killed in Israeli Embassy Incident Demands Government Action

Zakaria al-Juoda says his son had no political affiliation and calls on Jordan's King Abdullah to take action in the case according to the law

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Zakaria al-Jawadah holds back his tears at the funeral tent set up for his son Mohammed in Amman, Jordan, July 24, 2017.
Zakaria al-Jawadah holds back his tears at the funeral tent set up for his son Mohammed in Amman, Jordan, July 24, 2017. Credit: Raad Adayleh/AP
Jack Khoury
Jack Khoury

After an Israeli embassy guard in Amman killed a Jordanian who attacked him, the father of the teenage assailant called on Jordan's government and the king to take his son's case into their hands.

"Today it is my son. Tomorrow it could be the king's son, or the son of a tribal leader," said Mohammed al-Juoda's father Zakaria to the Arab and Jordanian media. "That is why I expect all the relevant bodies to take matters into their own hands. We are not a banana republic."

The Israeli guard was stabbed by Mohammed al-Juoda, a 17-year-old Jordanian carpenter of Palestinian descent who was installing furniture in his apartment near the embassy compound. The guard, who was lightly wounded in the incident, shot and killed the attacker. His landlord, who was present during the incident, was also wounded and later died of his wounds. 

Jordan is currently barring the security guard from leaving the country.

"My son took two bullets in the chest. This is cold-blooded murder," said Zakaria al-Juoda. "I demand that the government and foreign office take action under the law, because my son was a Jordanian citizen for all intends and purposes."

"My son did not belong to any organization or party, and has no ideology," the father continued. "I want to see exactly what happened and I want to see all the video clips documenting what happened."

Mohammed al-Juoda was searched before he entered the building. His father said he not been armed and was not planning anything. "We want to know and understand what happened. Otherwise we will not accept his body," said the elder al-Juoda.

Jordan insists that the Israelis hand over the guard to the authorities for questioning and the required legal steps. A Jordanian source in the defense establishment told the local newspaper Al Ra'i that if Israel refuses, Jordan will take diplomatic action.

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