Jordan's Trade Unions to Place Israeli Flag in Building Entrances for All to Step On

Following Israel's condemnation of photos of a Jordanian minister stepping on the Israeli flag in an Amman union building, the Professional Unions Association decided to place the flag in the entrances to all its buildings

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Jumana Ghunaimat, Jordan's minister for media affairs and communications and the government spokeswoman, walks over an Israeli flag painted on the floor of the headquarters of Jordan's professional unions in Amman, Jordan December 27, 2018.
Jumana Ghunaimat, Jordan's information minister, walks over an Israeli flag painted on the floor of the headquarters of Jordan's professional unions in Amman, Jordan December 27, 2018.Credit: Reuters

Jordan's Professional Unions Association will place the Israeli flag at the entrance to its offices throughout the Kingdom so that those entering will have to step on it, according to media reports in Jordan.

The reports said that the decision was made in condemnation of Israel's continued occupation of the Palestinian territories and in response to a complaint Israel submitted to Jordan's Foreign Ministry on the matter.

On Sunday, the Foreign Ministry said that it filed a strong condemnation with the Jordanian government over a photo of the Jordanian Information Minister Jumana Ghunaimat stepping on the Israeli flag in the engineers' union building in Amman, which it described as an "act of disrespect." The ministry called the acting Jordanian ambassador in Israel, Mohammad Hmeid, to its offices for "clarifications." 

Jordanian Prime Minister Omar Razzaz reportedly entered the same building from a side entrance in order to avoid stepping on the flag. Jordan said in response to Israel's complaint that the building was privately owned and that the government therefore cannot intervene.

According to Jordanian media reports, the unions association chief, Ibrahim Tarawneh, ratified the decision. The London-based Rai al-Youm newspaper said that the decision was reached following public discourse on the issue.

A Jordanian minister seen stepping on the Israeli flag.

Union leaders toppled the previous prime minister over the summer through widespread protests, leading to Razzaz's appointment. Jordan's Professional Unions Association is known for its stance opposing the peace accords with Israel and is an important leader in public opinion.

Israel and Jordan signed a peace agreement in 1994, but relations have often been frosty amid differences over Israeli policies in Jerusalem, where Jordan is custodian over Muslim sites, and toward the Palestinians.