ISIS Fighters Reportedly Burn 20 Iraqis Alive for Rejecting Recruitment

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An Iraqi woman and child fleeing ISIS stronghold of Hawija on August 7, 2016.
An Iraqi woman and child fleeing ISIS stronghold of Hawija on August 7, 2016. Credit: Marwan Ibrahim/AFP

ISIS forces in control of northern Iraq have reportedly burned alive 20 young prisoners for refusing to be recruited to its ranks, the American Herald Tribune reported on Thursday.

Sheikh Nayef al-Naimi, a tribal elder in Hawija, a town in the Kirkuk area under ISIS control, reportedly said that detainess "were set ablaze by ISIS as they refused to join the outfit."

Naimi said ISIS was demanding huge sums for ransom and sought to forcefully recruit women as well, to its ranks.

In June, ISIS militants burned 19 Yazidi sex slaves to death inside iron cages, for refusing to have sex with the militants.

“Hundreds of people were watching. Nobody could do anything to save them from the brutal punishment,” a witness is quoted to have said.

Other cases of brutality in ISIS strongholds of Iraq have been reported in detail, such as when five residents of the Nineveh province were burned while caged as punishment for alleged espionage.

According to Kurdish news agency Rudaw,Sunni Arab officials in the Kirkuk region, where Hawija is located, have sought to persuade Shi'ite militiamen and the Kurdish Peshmerga to try and liberate Hawija from ISIS brutality.

Ismail Hadidi, head of the Arab Council in Kirkuk, reportedly said that "people are dying of starvation" in the region.

18,000 people have reportedly fled Hawija in the past month, some to escape the fighting and others in search of food and water.

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