#NeverTrustUS: Iranians React to Trump Disavowing Nuclear Deal

Iranians take to social media to express frustration with what they perceive to be Trump's hypocrisy toward their country

A woman follows news of U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to disavow the nuclear deal with Iran on her smartphone in Tehran, Iran October 13, 2017.

Iranians took their anger at U.S. President Donald Trump to Twitter Friday night for what they see as hypocrisy and a double-standard after Trump disavowed the 2015 international nuclear deal that limited the country's uranium enrichment program in exchange for economic sanctions relief.  

In his speech, Trump criticized Iran for supporting terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, but Iranians pointed out Trump's coziness with Saudi Arabia, a country which has been accused of backing 9/11 perpetrators Al-Qaida

Iran now faces tightened sanctions and an American renege on the nuclear deal which had helped Iran’s economy bounce back. Meanwhile, Trump signed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia on one of his official first trips as president. 

Shortly after his Friday speech, Saudi Arabia welcomed the U.S. government’s new policies towards Iran.

Iranians tweeted lists of the terrorist organizations allegedly supported by Saudi Arabia’s Wahabist government, which Trump attributed to Iran in Friday’s speech. “#Trump at his press conference: the #Iranian regime is supporting #terrorist groups like ISIS, Al-Qaida in #Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.” 

Al-Qaida and ISIS are both Sunni Muslim terrorist groups, and in 2009, WikiLeaks revealed that then-U.S. Secretary Hillary Clinton had said that Saudi Arabia was supporting Al-Qaida.  

Iranians also responded to what they saw as a dig at Iran when Trump spoke of altercations in the “Arabian Gulf,” referring to the body of water popularly called the “Persian Gulf” separating Iran from Saudi Arabia.

This comment provoked attacks on Trump’s intelligence, with Iranians calling him an "idiot" on Twitter and asking if he had ever learned geography. Although both names are technically correct, the decision to call the body of water Arabian rather than Persian echoed what Iranians see as the Trump administration’s predilection for Saudi Arabia over Iran.

Iranians expressed their frustration with the hashtags #NeverTrustUS, #IranKeepsPromises as opposed to the U.S. which has now reversed their commitment to the deal, and #No2US trending. 

Others simply voiced desperation at their situation. Caught between the Iranian regime’s enforcement of Islamic law and U.S. economic pressure from sanctions, Iranians expressed frustration at inability to improve their own lives: “#JCPOA I have complaints about two different parties. The first is #Trump. The second is #ShariahLaw”