Iranian Twitter Flips Out: Penguin Memes and #ShutupNetanyahu

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Screenshot from Twitter of #ShutupNetanyahu
Screenshot from Twitter of #ShutupNetanyahuCredit: Screenshot from Twitter

Twitter blew up with #ShutupNetanyahu and memes of penguins, in reaction to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

Netanyahu spoke at length about Iran's campaign to spread a "curtain of tyranny and terror over" the Middle East, and "pledges to extinguish the light of Israel."

The speech even included a line in Farsi, "you are our friends," he said to the people of Iran, rather than to the country's leaders.

Netanyahu also spoke about penguins in his speech—saying that "penguins have no difficult recognizing that some things are black and white," and therefore are "enthusiastic supporters of Israel."

Responding to Netanyahu's remarks, Iranians took to twitter, with posts telling Netanyahu that they were not amused: "In the name of all Iranians: #ShutupNetanyahu."

Other posts integrated the penguin theme, with a photo of penguins lining up to get eaten by a whale, with the line "how penguins reacted when they heard Netanyahu saying that even the penguins like Israel."

Earlier on Tuesday, Twitter was abuzz with #ShutupTrump after the U.S. President's speech. Trump's speech slammed Iran for "masking a corrupt government behind the false guise of democracy," and undertaking "destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles."

Netanyahu stressed his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal in the lead up to his UN appearance, emphasizing his "fix or nix" stance on the deal. Both of their UN speeches called for cancellation of the deal, which is up for recertification by Trump on October 15.

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