Russia's Putin Says No Proof Iran Was Behind Saudi Attacks

The Russian president also said that the United States had not presented any proof of Iran's role in the attacks on the Saudi oil infrastructure last month

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the Energy Week International Forum in Moscow, Russia October 2, 2019.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during an energy conference in Moscow on Wednesday that there was no evidence that Iran was responsible for an attack on Saudi oil infrastructure last month, and that the United States had not presented any proof of Iran's role.

The September 14 attack on Saudi oil infrastructure has been blamed on Iran by Both the Saudi-led military coalition battling Yemen's Houthi movement and the United States. Saudi officials said last month that the attack was carried out by Iranian weapons and did not originate from Yemen according to preliminary findings.

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Although Iran denies involvement in the strikes, its allies in Yemen's civil war, the Houthi movement, claimed responsibility for the attacks. The Houthis say they struck the plants with drones, some of which were powered by jet engines.

Putin also said that France tried to set up a meeting between the leaders of Iran and the United States after the attack, but the move failed because Tehran wants Washington to remove its sanctions.