Iran Answers Trump: He Will Be the One Calling Us to Make a Deal

Trump said last week that because of the sanctions, Iran is bound to call him some day asking to strike an agreement

An Iranian protestor in Tehran, Iran, May 11, 2018
Vahid Salemi/AP

Iran says if President Donald Trump wants to negotiate after pulling the United States out of the international deal meant to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, he'll have to make the call.

Monday's remarks by Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi came after Trump last week said that with the U.S. increasing sanctions on Iran, "at a certain point they're going to call me and say 'let's make a deal,' and we'll make a deal."

Ghasemi says, however, "maybe someday he will call Tehran and ask for negotiations — this is more likely."

If Trump calls, it's not clear whether anyone will answer, with Iran's top leadership rejecting talks with the U.S.

Other nations in the deal are negotiating with Iran to try and make it work without Washington.