Iran to Hold Air Defense Drill Simulating Israeli Attack on Its Nuclear Sites

According to Iran's official news agency, the Revolutionary Guard will carry out exercise to ensure Iran is ready for any attack on strategic sites.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards will carry out an air defense drill simulating an Israeli attack on its nuclear sites, the official news agency IRNA said Friday.

The Revolutionary Guards said in a statement that the drill was aimed at ensuring Iran was ready for any attacks on its nuclear facilities and other strategic sites.

Bushehr - AP - Aug. 21, 2010

The announcement came shortly after the United Nations nuclear agency adopted a resolution calling on Iran to respond to a report by the watchdog indicating that Tehran had made tests on designs used for making a nuclear weapon.

Iran denies it is seeking a nuclear bomb and says its program is peaceful. Israel considers a nuclear armed Iran an existential threat.

There has been mounting speculation in the media that Israel would strike Iran's nuclear facilities if Iran continues to defy international demands that it allay western concerns over it nuclear activities.

Iranian military officials have warned that Israel would regret such any preemptive strike on its nuclear facilities.