'Egypt's Mubarak Asked World Leaders to Save Him From Execution'

Egyptian Al-Yusuf newspaper reports that former president sent letters to nine world leaders, seeking help for him and his family.

Deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak sent letters to nine world leaders with whom he had friendly relations, requesting help for him and his family, the Egyptian Al-Yusuf newspaper reported on Saturday.

Mubarak asked for help in preventing Egyptian authorities from executing him as well as aid in getting his wife and sons out of Egypt.

Such letters were sent to the leaders of the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Italy and Lebanon.

In the letters, Mubarak said that his family members were not connected to the crimes he has been accused of.

Meanwhile, Mubarak's wife, Suzanne, went to authorities in Cairo and asked to depart the country to Switzerland in order to receive medical checks and clarify the situation of her family's financial accounts in Europe, which were frozen after the revolution in Egypt last year.

Mubarak is currently on trial in Cairo. The prosecution is seeking the death penalty for the former president, who has been charged with responsibility for the deaths of more than 850 protesters during the revolution that ousted the Mubarak regime a year ago.

The defense has rejected these claims and a few days ago argued that Mubarak is still technically president of Egypt and therefore should enjoy immunity from prosecution.

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