Egypt Braces for Fresh Protests as Pressure on Military Rulers Mounts

Former IAEA chief Mohammed ElBaradei says he is ready to head Egyptian government; parliamentary elections set to start on Monday.

Activists have called for another mass rally in Cairo's Tahrir square on Sunday, as part of their ongoing efforts to force the ruling military council out of power.

The mass rally is to come on the eve of parliamentary elections, the first to be held after a popular revolt forced former president Hosni Mubarak to step down in February.

Cairo protests - AP - Nov 24, 2011

Protesters in the iconic Tahrir Square are calling for the creation of a "National Salvation government," which would take over all powers from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

The protesters want Mohammed ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former head of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog, to head the new government.

ElBaradei said late Saturday he was ready to cancel his presidential bid in order to head such a government, if asked by the country's ruling council.

His statement followed talks with the head of the military council, Hussein Tantawi.

Tantawi also held talks with former Arab League chief Amr Moussa, another presidential hopeful. The details of that meeting were not announced.

Protesters have been camping in Tahrir Square for over a week now. More people began a sit-in in front of the cabinet's headquarters near the square, to prevent the newly-appointed prime minister, Kamal Ganzouri, from entering the building.

Days of clashes between protesters and police forces have left 41 people dead across Egypt.

The latest unrest risks overshadowing the elections, which start on Monday and are to run until January 10.