Earthquake in Iran: 6.1 Quake Shakes Eastern Islamic Republic; None Hurt

Only last month, a 7.3 earthquake struck Iran, killing 530 and injuring more than 9,000 people

FILE PHOTO: An Iranian man rests as he lies atop salvaged mattresses and items outside damaged buildings on November 14, 2017, following a 7.3-magnitude earthquake that left hundreds killed

Iran's state TV is reporting a magnitude 6.1 earthquake has jolted a sparsely populated area in the country's southeast. There are no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

The U.S. Geological Survey has put the magnitude at 6.

The Friday quake jolted Hojedk town, about 1,100 kilometers (683 miles) southeast of the capital Tehran. The farming town has a population of 3,000 and is frequently hit by quakes.

Last month, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck western Iran, killing 530 and injuring more than 9,000 people. In 2003, a magnitude 6.6 quake flattened the historic southern city of Bam, killing 26,000 people.

Iran is located on major seismic faults and averages a quake per day.