Dozens of Jordanians Rally Outside Israeli Embassy in Amman Following Temple Mount Riots

Hordes of demonstrators scale fences of the embassy after the Jordanian parliament votes to expel the Israeli ambassador from Amman.

An angry horde of several dozen Jordanian civilians demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in Amman Wednesday night, following Jordan's public condemnation of Israel's role in the Jerusalem Day riots on the Temple Mount.

Demonstrators scaled the fences around the outer wall of the embassy Wednesday night but were prevented by police from nearing the compound, according to reports. The embassy building is guarded by Jordanian security forces most days of the year.

The crowd in Amman gathered hours after a tumultuous session of the Jordanian parliament in which legislators voted unanimously to expel Israeli Ambassador Daniel Nevo from Amman and to recall the Jordanian ambassador from Tel Aviv. The parliament was protesting what it said was Israel’s responsibility for the violent riots on the Temple Mount on Tuesday.

The clashes in Jerusalem had erupted Tuesday after Israel Police allowed some 200 Jews to enter the Temple Mount to pray in honor of Jerusalem Day. Security forces meanwhile prevented several dozen Muslims, whom police said were members of extremist groups, from entering the holy site.

Hours later the Jerusalem mufti, Mohammed Hussein, was summoned by police after authorities received information he had been involved in the rioting. Hussein was sent home by police with a warning, but Palestinian and Jordanian media outlets reported that he had been arrested and had spent the night in jail.

Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour has condemned Israelis' conduct Tuesday, including the attempts to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, which is under Jordanian patronage, and the supposed arrest of the mufti.

The Jordanian newspaper Al Dustour meanwhile has published an editorial declaring the parliament’s decision to expel the Israeli ambassador as a sign that legislators are now listening to the public. It predicted that far harsher measures will likely be taken if Israel continues its policy of threatening the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Judaizing Jerusalem, and ignoring the rights of the Palestinians.

Al Dustour called on Arab states that have diplomatic relations with Israel – specifically Egypt – to take similar steps, for example by expelling the Israeli ambassador in Cairo and recalling the Egyptian ambassador in Tel Aviv.