China Urges Peaceful Resolution to Iran Nuclear Issue

Chinese FM calls on Iran to show 'flexibility' and 'sincerity' in wake of IAEA report on the Iranian nuclear program.

China called on Wednesday for a peaceful resolution of the Iran nuclear issue after the International Atomic Energy Agency concluded Iran appears to have conducted work on designing an atomic weapon.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China was still studying the IAEA report, but urged Iran to show "flexibility" and "sincerity".

Barack Obama and Hu Jintao

"China advocates using peaceful means to resolve the Iran nuclear issue," he told a daily news briefing.

The report, which was handed over to the 35-member states of the IAEA Board of Governors, details a series of tests, acquisition of materials, and technology that suggests Iran has continuously worked to produce a nuclear weapon since 2003.

A diplomatic source in Vienna told Haaretz that this is "the most damning report ever published by the IAEA and the conclusion arising from it is one: Iran is working to acquire a nuclear weapon."

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