Bombing of Hospital in Northern Syria Kills 13, Doctors Without Borders Say

Two of four airstrikes said to have directly his the facility, killing our hospital staff, five children, two women and two others.

A file photo of a damaged ambulance after an airsrike in the rebel-held city of Anadan, northern Aleppo province, Syria, July 31, 2016.
Ammar Abdullah, Reuters

AP - The international medical charity Doctors Without Borders says a hospital it supports specializing in pediatrics in a rebel-held northern Syria province has been destroyed by airstrikes that killed 13 people, including five children.

The group, known by its French acronym MSF, said Monday that two of four airstrikes hit the hospital directly and put it out of service.

The group said the broad daylight airstrikes Saturday killed four hospital staff, five children, two women and two others. The bombing also destroyed the operating theatre, intensive care unit, pediatric department, ambulances and a generator.

"The direct bombing of another hospital in Syria is an outrage," says Silvia Dallatomasina, medical manager of MSF operations in northwestern Syria.

Hospitals, mostly in rebel-held areas, are regularly attacked. In July alone, 44 attacks were reported.