At Least 65 Syrians Killed in Fresh Assault on Homs

Activists describe assault as heaviest since start of offensive on restive city by Bashar Assad's forces earlier this month.

Shelling by Syrian forces on Tuesday killed at least 65 people in Homs, activists said, describing the attacks as the heaviest since the start of an assault on the restive city early this month.

Activist Omar Homsi told DPA that more than thirty people were also wounded in the city's besieged neighborhoods of Baba Amr,Al-Khalidiyeh, and Inshaaat and the region of al-Kussair.

Syria - Reuters - February 20, 2012

He added that Syrian troops twice tried to enter Baba Amr but they could not do so because of fierce resistance by rebel forces.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Red Cross called for a daily two-hour cease-fire in Syria so that it can deliver emergency aid and reach people who are wounded or sick.

"The current situation requires an immediate decision to implement a humanitarian pause in the fighting," said Jakob Kellenberger, the president of the Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross.

"In Homs and in other affected areas, entire families have been stuck for days in their homes, unable to step outside to get bread, other food or water, or to obtain medical care," he said in a statement.

The Red Cross said Monday that it has been negotiating with Syrian authorities and members of the opposition to agree a temporary cease-fire so that emergency aid can reach beleaguered parts of the country.

"It should last at least two hours every day, so that ICRC staff and Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers have enough time to deliver aid and evacuate the wounded and the sick," said Kellenberger.