20 Killed in Fresh Syria Violence as Assad Opposition Forces Splits

Red Cross says enough food for 12,000 people had reached the crisis-torn city of Hama thanks to the ICRC and Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams.

Twenty people were killed on Monday in Syria, most of them in the restive province of Homs, activists in the area told DPA, as opposition forces

Activists in the capital Damascus said 10 people were injured when security forces fired on a funeral procession in Kfar Soussa.

Homs shelling - AFP - February 2012

The report of recent fatalities in the Syria crisis came as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said earlier Monday it had delivered humanitarian aid to affected areas in the central Syrian city of Hama.

ICRC spokesman Saleh Dabbikeh told DPA that enough food for 12,000 people had reached the city thanks to the ICRC and Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams.

Another aid convoy was on its way to Homs province, which has been under shelling by government forces since early February. Negotiations were still underway to evacuate two wounded journalists there.

Earlier Monday, a split in Syrian opposition forces became official, after 20 members of the Syrian National Council, the largest of dissident groups, announced the formation new body called the Syrian Patriotic Group.

According to the new group, it will set out to support the national effort to depose Assad, using any means necessary including support of the Free Syrian Army.

The move represents a severe blow to attempts to unify anti-Assad forces, coming just days after the nations taking part in the "Friends of Syria" conference recognized the Syrian National Council as the legitimate representative of the Syrian opposition.