Hamas Propaganda Video Turns Israel's National Anthem on Its Head

Called 'Sof Hatikvah' ('End of Hope'), video purporting to be from Hamas tells Israelis they will be killed if they refuse to be deported to Germany.

The Palestinians will slaughter any Israelis foolish enough to refuse to be deported to Germany and turn Jerusalem into a purely Muslim city, according to a YouTube video that says it comes from the Hamas military wing, Iz al-Din al-Qassam.

Called "Sof Hatikvah" ("The End of Hope") and sung in Arabic-accented Hebrew, the video, released in time for Israel's Independence Day on Tuesday, features an apocalyptic rendition of "Hatikvah" ("The Hope"), Israel's national anthem.

In the animated video, which has Hebrew and Arabic subtitles and appears to be geared toward an Israeli audience, a young Palestinian man destroys a cartoon Israel with a single rock as the male voice sings "The army of the Zionists is built out of wax."

Featuring photographs of what appear to be dead babies as well as cartoon images of religious Jews fleeing from the Western Wall, the video states that it will give Israelis the choice of being returned to their "country of origin," as a sign next to a cartoon ship announces "Deportation to Germany."

The "fool who insists" on staying in Israel will find himself "beneath the dust" as the name of the capital is changed to the Arabic Bayt al-Maqdis – "not Jerusalem," the video says.

The final images are of Palestinian flags flying from a Dome of the Rock guarded by three masked Palestinian gunmen and an Israeli flag being torched.

Hamas has released similar propaganda videos previously, as with a November 2012 video that said the Palestinian people missed terror attacks and warned Israelis to "wait for us at bus stops and cafes." Because of technical problems and broken Hebrew, that video became a laughingstock in Israel.