Report: Iran Calls Off Plan to Dispatch Warships to Atlantic

Iran's navy chief says plan changes are routine 'considering the region,' intimating further changes might follow if piracy increases.

Iran's navy chief
Iran's navy chief Admiral Habibollah Sayyari in Tehran, Iran, December 22, 2011. AP

Iran's semi-official Fars news agency is reporting that the country has temporarily called off a plan to dispatch warships to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Sunday report quoted Iran's navy chief Admiral Habibollah Sayyari as saying such changes of naval plans are routine, "considering the situation in the region."

Sayyari did not say why Iran changed the plan but stated that "when piracy increases in the Gulf of Aden some changes will be applied in the assignments."

He said another fleet would be sent to the Atlantic Ocean in the future, but did not elaborate.

Iran in January said it had launched two warships on a three-month voyage to the Atlantic to demonstrate the country's ability to project power across the Middle East and beyond.