Senior Iranian Parliamentarian Calls for New Approach Against Israeli Settlements

Ali Larijani describes Israel as a malignant tumor.

The chairman of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, has called for a new approach to putting a stop to the construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, saying Israel was a "malign tumor" [sic] the semi-official Iranian Mehr News Agency reported Friday.

“We should think out new approaches so that we could stop construction of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories,” Larijani said at a meeting of Muslim parliamentary leaders in Iran, Mehr reported.

The report did not state if Larijani or anyone else suggested a new approach.

It did, on the other hand, quote him as saying that Israel was a "malign tumor" [sic.], warning that Israel “benefits of silence by the Muslim countries and I warn on this” [sic].

The Palestinian ambassador to Iran, who was present at the gathering discussing the Palestinian issue, commended Iran for its resistance to Israel, the report said.