Alarmed, Hezbollah Takes Defensive Measures in Beirut

Sunni jihadists declaring they will take war to Lebanon and establish an Islamic state there.

Hezbollah has taken defensive measures in its southern Beirut stronghold, anticipating a new wave of so-called tafriki attacks, Lebanese newspaper Al Nahar reported Wednesday.

Tafriki refers to a Muslim who accuses another Muslim as an apostate. Hezbollah is Shi'ite, while the al-Qaeda linked Al Nusra Front is Sunni.

According to the report, the exercise, performed after discovering a plan to carry out an assault, involved "locking stores in the area, evacuating the streets within ten minutes, and preventing any gatherings."

Al Nahar also reported that Hezbollah is attempting to allow only ten entrances into Dahieh "in order to properly monitor the flow of vehicles and pedestrians." In addition, Hezbollah parliamentarians removed the blue license plates from their vehicles that identify their official status.

The Sunni-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and Al-Nusra both posted messages on their websites over the past week declaring war on Lebanon and declaring an expansion of the Islamic state into the multi-sectarian state, Al Akhbar in English reported on Saturday.