Report: Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood Planned Church Bombings on Christmas

Plot reportedly uncovered by Egyptian intelligence included the transfer of weapons via tunnels from Gaza to Egypt.

Egyptian security forces uncovered a plot by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to attack churches in Egypt during Christmas, Al-Watan reported on Wednesday.

According to the Egyptian daily, the bombings were foiled after Egyptian intelligence intercepted communications between Gaza-based militants and groups in Sinai. The calls revealed plans to transfer weapons to the peninsula through underground tunnels from Gaza to Egypt.

The attacks were to take place during last week's Christmas celebrations.

The report also said that tons of explosives were gathered for the planned attacks.

Last week, Hamas condemned Egypt's designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, reaffirming its solidarity with the ousted movement despite a crippling blockade imposed by Cairo.

Hamas, founded in 1987 as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, has been seen as a major loser from the July 3rd ouster and arrest of elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who belonged to the Brotherhood.

Egypt has stepped up a campaign against Hamas near its Gaza border by closing almost 1,200 smuggling tunnels that used to provide an economic life-line for the territory, home to 1.8 million people.