Gazans Release Parody of Van Damme's 'Epic Split' Video

Palestinian comedy troupe in Gaza spoofs viral Volvo ad to highlight the infrastructure problems facing the Strip.

A Gazan comedy troupe released a video spoof of the viral "epic split" Volvo commercial in order to highlight the infrastructure problems facing the Strip, ABC News reported Monday.

Palestinians mimic the original video, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme doing a split between two trucks, by showing Mahmoud Zuiter, a member of Tashwesh Productions, standing on the hood of two Kia cars, announcing, "The electricity cuts off for 12 hours, the water turns on when the electricity cuts off. I miss taking a shower!"

The camera then zooms out to show five men pushing the cars, and Zuiter does the best split he can muster, and says: "All of this doesn't make Van Damme better than me. But unfortunately, there is no gas in town."

Zuiter said he made the video to try and garner attention for the plight the residents of Gaza face. "In Gaza, we have talent and the youth are great, and their minds are very beautiful. The blockade from Egypt and Israel don't help the youth of Gaza find opportunities and achieve their dreams," he told ABC News. 

It took eight attempts to pull off the split in the video, and it has nearly 150,000 views since going live on Saturday.