Palestinian Architects Look to the Past for Eco-friendly Homes

Inspired by methods of construction used by region's residents in days of yore, West Bank architects and residents are using natural materials to build inexpensive, environmentally-safe houses.

Palestinian architects have come up with an inexpensive and eco-friendly building solution for the West Bank, where rising real estate prices are locking many potential buyers out of the market.

Looking into the past for inspiration, the architects are encouraging Palestinians to build their own homes using sacks filled with clay. The result is not only cheaper, but more environmentally friendly.

Architect Rami Kasbri says the buildings are designed without using industrial materials, and make maximum use of the natural light.

Ahmed Daoud, a house owner, says that the building lessons from years gone by, still apply today.

"When I decided to build a house in Jericho, I decided to revive the way the people of Jericho built their homes hundreds and thousands of years ago," he recalls. "The type of building suits the weather in Jericho and is environmentally-friendly."