IN PHOTOS: The Serene Jordan Valley at the Heart of the Annexation Turmoil

Israeli photographer Yaniv Nadav went searching for everything beautiful and humane in the unknown reaches of the land Israel wants to annex

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Daniel Tchetchik
Daniel Tchetchik
Daniel Tchetchik
Daniel Tchetchik

Text and photos by guest photographer Yaniv Nadav

People hear about the Jordan Valley mainly in its political context, and more recently in relation to all the talk about Israel's possible annexation of it.

My own physical proximity to the valley led me to take a tour to its more out-of-the way and less-known places, toward which my eyes were drawn.

I found primeval and scarred vistas containing people (not many) who don’t really pay attention to the politics surrounding them, busy with their daily routines. Apparently, the scars will deepen and expand with time – with or without an annexation.

Daniel Tchechik is the editor of the Haaretz photo blog. His works have been displayed at Israel's top museums, as well as at exhibitions and fairs overseas.