Of the 13 Minors Killed by Israeli Military in Gaza, Six Died in Single Airstrike

Eighteen other residents were wounded in Gaza, among them a woman and 10 children

Jack Khoury
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Relatives of 11-year-old Hussein Hamas who was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, May 2021.
Relatives of 11-year-old Hussein Hamas who was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, May 2021.Credit: AP Photo/Khalil Hamra
Jack Khoury

Since the start of the escalation in Gaza, 13 children and teenagers have been killed, including a 2-year-old, according to the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights and the Gaza Health Ministry. Six of the minors were killed in a single attack.

The Gaza Health Ministry says 48 people have been killed and 304 wounded in all since the current round of violence began.

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“Even during tense periods, we understood that attacks would be on militants’ installations and on open areas. But this time the attacks were made directly on civilian population centers at a time when everyone was preparing for the break fast and everyone was out on the street and shopping,” said a Beit Hanoun resident.

“Israel targeted residential and civilian areas as a form of collective punishment. It is a gross violation of international law and a war crime,” said the Al-Mezan Center.

A missile struck a house in a neighborhood east of Beit Hanoun that killed eight people, including six children, most of them belonging to a single family. Eighteen other residents were injured, among them a woman and 10 children.

Witnesses said the children were outside the house at the time of the attack, as were many local residents, waiting for Iftar to begin. They said the children were playing in a plaza close to their home and about 800 meters from the border fence with Israel. Three houses were damaged.

The dead from that attack are Ibrahim Yousef Atallah al-Masri, 11; his brother Marwan, 6; Ahmad Mohammed Atallah al-Masri, 2; Hussein Muneir Hamad, 11; Mohammed Ali Naseer, 24; and Ibrahim Abdullah Mohammed Haseen, 16.

Another attack was staged in the evening on Beit Hanoun, during which Ibrahim Ahmad al-Shanbari, 20, was killed and 13 others were injured, among them four women and two children, all of them lightly to moderately.

Attacks on Monday morning on the Al-Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City killed Amira Abd al-Fattah Subah, 58, and her son Abd Al-Rahman, 19, who has special needs. Al-Mezan said the two were killed when the residential building where they lived on the seventh floor collapsed. The IDF said it targeted a senior official of the armed wing of Hamas in the attack.

In another Gazan attack, a missile landed in a crowded street in Jabalya. Eight people were killed, among them a boy, and 34 were injured, among them 10 children and two women. Five of the injured are in critical condition. Witnesses said the attack occurred as many residents were out of their homes shopping for food for their Iftar meals at the end of the Ramadan fast.

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