Iran Announces Money Awards for Families of Slain Palestinian Terrorists

Islamic Republic to give $7,000 to families of slain terrorists, $30,000 to those among them whose homes were demolished by Israel, Iranian envoy to Lebanon announces.

A Palestinian woman walks amid the rubble of a house after Israeli security forces demolished the homes of two convicted Palestinian terrorists in Jabal Mukkaber in East Jerusalem, October 6, 2015.

Iran will give financial assistance to the families of slain Palestinian terrorists, the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon announced on Wednesday.

Iran will give $30,000 to families of terrorists whose homes were demolished by Israel, and $7,000 to the families of slain terrorists, Ali Fatehali said at a press conference.

"The Islamic Republic will not forsake the Palestinian people, and leave it exposed to murder and pillage and expulsion," he said, adding: "The nation of Imam Khomeini will remain faithful to the Palestinian struggle, until all Palestine is free, from the river to the sea."

Some 28 Israelis have been killed in a five month-long wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence. At least 166 Palestinians have been killed, 119 said by Israel to have been terrorists. Israel says home demolitions can deter attacks. Critics say the tactic amounts to collective punishment.