Hezbollah Denies Speculations Over Leader Nasrallah’s Deteriorating Health

Rumors of Hezbollah leader's worsening health began last week after he persistently coughed and appeared to have a hard time breathing on a televised speech

Jack Khoury
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Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah speaks on TV, earlier this month.
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah speaks on TV, earlier this month.Credit: Screenshot/Al Mayadeen
Jack Khoury

Multiple sources denied reports that Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah’s health is worsening following a shaky speech the secretary general gave last week.

Rumors of Nasrallah’s deteriorating health condition began circulating last week, after Hezbollah’s leader gave a televised speech during which he appeared to have troubles breathing and coughed repeatedly.

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His son, Jawad, tweeted on Tuesday that his father feels good after last week he said his father’s condition was a result of allergies. Moreover, a Lebanese media personality close to Hezbollah circles in Beirut said the organization has repeatedly denied reports on this issue over the last few days.

Nevertheless, over the past days, rumors of his deterioration have spread on social media.

As Lebanon efforts to form a new government amid an economic crisis, Nasrallah’s associates claim the rumors are being spread by Hezbollah’s opponents in an effort to divert the attention from the internal political developments.

Moreover, the secretary general’s associates maintain that the rumors originated in Israel, as last week Israeli officials said they believe that Nasrallah has contracted COVID-19 and that his ill health is the reason he has refrained from speaking publicly or giving interviews in recent months.

The Israeli army is of the opinion that Nasrallah erred in making the speech, with his apparent physical weakness belying the message of deterrence he sought to convey.

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