Australian Retailer Halts Sale of Globes Which Omits Israel for Palestine

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Typo's globe omitting Israel
Australian retailer's globe that omits Israel's name Credit: Facebook

An Australian stationery retailer called Typo has provoked a storm of controversy for marketing a line of globes that labeled Palestine but not Israel.

Israel, along with 12 other countries, where designated by a number that corresponds to a country list at the base of the globe, the website of the Guardian newspaper reported on Monday. However, on the globe's surface itself, only Palestine appeared.

In response to protests on the store's Facebook page, including one, according to the Guardian, that accused the chain of "wiping Israel off the map," the product was withdrawn from sale, a move that the Guardian said then sparked protests from pro-Palestinian activists.

The initial protest on Typo's Facebook page was reportedly posted on January 21, to which the stationery retailer replied that the omission of the name Israel was made "purely because there wasn’t enough space to include the name," the Guardian said.

In response to the controversy, Typo's halted sales of the globe and announced that it was commissioning a new globe that features all of the country names on the globe surface itself, "We never intended to offend anyone with this product and as a result we have decided to remove them from sale and halt all future production until our supplier can provide artwork that eliminates the need for a key entirely."

The furor over the absence of Israel's name on the globe was not the only mishap from the product. The Caspian Sea was labeled twice and the name of the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan was misspelled, according to the Guardian.

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