Michael Moore: We Might Have Had Peace, Were It Not for That Dress

BOSTON - Filmmaker Michael Moore, attending the Democratic National Convention as a guest of former president Jimmy Carter, told Haaretz that he laments the state of the Middle East peace process. "I was just saying to his daughter here how sad it is that Jimmy Carter was the first to begin this process, and now we're in such bad shape under this administration. It's gone back to what it was before what Jimmy Carter did, and worse. Clinton was so close to bringing these two sides together and especially to knock some sense in Arafat's head, So close! and then the whole country got distracted with Lewinsky and everything, and that was the end of it.

"The same thing goes for Northern Ireland, how close were we to finding a true solution with Northern Ireland, and then there was a stain on a blue dress, and after that - no more talk of Northern Ireland, no more talk of Israel and the Palestinians."

Asked whether he might someday train his lens on Israel, Moore said: "Yes, that is one of many subjects that deserve attention. I don't have any plans to do it now, though. My next film is on the health care industry in this country."

As for his presence at such a partisan convention, Moore responded that he never publicly endorsed John Kerry, never met him, and doesn't want to be affiliated with his campaign. If the Kerry-Edwards ticket wins, Moore has no intention of becoming a court jester.

"I said very clearly that as soon as president Kerry takes office on January 21st the lens of my camera will be aimed at him. That's my job, to always keep it on those in power. I did in when Clinton was in office, I've done it with Bush and I'll do it with Kerry. My job is to inform the American people what the man in the White House has done to this country and to the world for the last three and a half years. That is my job. When I began making Fahrenheit 9/11 there was no "Bush Vs. Kerry," there is no motivation of that sort behind this film. If Kerry is the best way to get the current president out of the white house - then so be it."